Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Perfect Skin Babe - Photoshop Elements

This step-by-step tutorial shows you how to give your babe a perfect skin, using Photoshop Elements. This will utilize the layer mask tool, which a previous blog entry showed how it was added to Photoshop Elements.

I am going to use a more believable source image:

Step 1 :
Use the healing brush tool, remove all obvious flaws.

The healed face looks like this:

Step 2 :
Duplicate the current layer. The new layer is automatically named as Background copy.

Step 3 :
With Background copy active, select [Filter->Other->High Pass Filter]. I choose radius 14 here but you should experiment with different values. Generally speaking, use a larger radius for a high rest closeup image.

Step 4 :
Change the blending mode of the Background copy layer to "Overlay".

Step5 :
With the Background copy still active, add a layer mask by dragging the layer mask effect onto the image. See this blog entry if you do not know how to add layer mask.

You should see a white layer mask added:

Step 6 :
With the white layer mask selected, press CONTROL-I to invert it. The layer mask should now be black. A black mask means no effect.

Step 7 :
We are now going to paint white onto the layer mask at areas where we want the skin to be perfect.

Click on the black layer mask to ensure it is the current active selection. Choose a suitable SOFT brush size. Ensure current color is white. Choose about 60% for brush opacity.

Alter the brush size to cover different areas of the face/skin. The final image looks like this.

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Stevo said...

Great tutorial. You can do the same thing automatically using the Portraiture Plug-in by Imagenomic for Photoshop.